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Managing Arousal 3.0

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I'm Sailor Jerri the Dog Trainer and I'm back with another course that is going to blow your mind. Did you love Managing Arousal 2.0?? Well I made this version even better by including some of my actual 1:1 client excerpts to help you better understand how you too can live this lifestyle with your dog. (Clients, you may have a cameo in this!!) What can you expect to learn in this course?? >>If you haven't watched Managing Arousal 2.0, you'll need to start there! >>If you have watched it, then dive right into 3.0 with real world examples broken down into what type of environment you live in. >>By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of what arousal is and the role it plays in your dog's behavior. >>You will learn, thru both courses, how to read your dog's body language to tell the level of arousal and appropriately respond with active management. **Lives all over the world have been changed with this method. Anyone one, with any age and breed of dog can use these methods and the open-minded approach just like you see demonstrated in the course. If you take this course and still feel overwhelmed, please reach out to me on consult. Affordable 1:1 options exist and no one needs to suffer without help. There is help for you here at Tulsa Pack Athletics.

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Managing Arousal Discussion Forum

Managing Arousal Discussion Forum

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