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The Humane Hierarchy: A Dog Parent's Guide

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*YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND USE THE APP FOR THIS COURSE.* The Humane Hierarchy, developed by Dr. Susan Friedman, is a way to apply animal learning theory to dog training. Before I learned about this, I was a balanced trainer using the "four quadrants", or so I thought. If you've ever been confused by those quadrants, or maybe you've never learned them at all - this is for you. And guess what? There is so much more to dog training than those four quadrants!! Applying the Humane Hierarchy to the #openmindedapproach really gave the movement legs to stand on. It changed the way I view things, and I believe it will for you to. Now let me introduce you to the world-famous Tulsa Pack trainers as they guide you thru information that will forever change the way you look at training your dog!

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